event: Chinese New Year Potluck in NYC

event: Chinese New Year Potluck in NYC

A vision of red came alive as Jackie and I, Team Tiger Beer, volunteers, and M transformed an empty gallery space into a Chinese New Year celebration. Everything came together as the first guests arrived.

Guests signed in, got their names tags, and located a spot for their dish on the increasingly crowded tables. At every step, they greeted old friends and met new ones.  There was also much labeling, shifting of platters, photo snapping, conversations, and laughter.

We’d been anticipating the dozens of Asian specialties for weeks, so the tablescape became more and more tempting with each added dish.

We successfully rang in Year of the Dragon with another Chinese New Year Potluck. My deepest thanks go to Tiger Beer for sponsoring our event and to Jackie, the ultimate diva and my partner in food events, for her enthusiastic efforts and brilliance — and of course the energetic volunteers. To all the attendees, thank you for making it happen.

Given your enthusiasm for our second Chinese New Year Potluck, I think this just might become an annual tradition. Next year, we can gather over another scrumptious feast to welcome the Year of the Snake.