State of Mind – Goma Chocolate Cake

State of Mind – Goma Chocolate Cake

I’ve been in my Asian dessert phase recently, perhaps because I miss traveling in Asia—or maybe I’m just drawn to those desserts on Instagram. In either case, I’m all about matcha, sesame, and all the fruits associated with Asian desserts.

A few weeks ago, my friend Cindy and her husband bravely decided to become nomads for a year. They packed up their belongings in New York and began their travels with a first stop in Singapore (a city that we recently visited). With a good case of jet lag that first day, she started early to explore the food scene. Besides morning noodles and other scrumptious dishes at a hawker center, she visited cafes and pastries shops with the most incredible and inventive desserts, all with Asian flavors, of course.


That will do – Asian Mango Pudding


Matcha Matcha Man – Matcha Chocolate Tart


game of thrones – Strawberry Goma Mousse Cake


Easter Bonnet – Pineapple Coconut Carrot Cake


tailor-made – Chocolate Lemon Bonbon Cake


luck be a … mango mousse tart