How I Met Honey – Milk & Honey Cake

How I Met Honey – Milk & Honey Cake

Spring has sprung and so has allergy season. Each year, I have to suffer through part of spring while everyone, including the pollens, are dancing about in the beautiful weather. Each year, I repeat the same thought, “Life is so unfair.”

While my life during this time of year has not been the most enjoyable, I’ve found ways to make it a bit more tolerable. My cocktail of Zytec, Benadryl and a Chinese homeopathic supplement allow me to breathe somewhat normally. I’ve also heard about the benefits of local honey that can build up my body’s defense towards pollen. For several years, I tried experimenting with this idea with several types of local honey from the Farmer’s Market but to no avail. They only made my life taste sweeter.

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