nice to meet you – a creamy peanut butter pie for mikey

nice to meet you – a creamy peanut butter pie for mikey

Dear Mikey:

As everyone mourned your untimely passing last week, the food blogging community united behind Jennifer. In an eloquent post, she asked us to bake a Creamy Peanut Butter Pie, a favorite of yours. She wanted us to share it with our love ones.

I met up with a few blogger friends and went to your memorial service. It was filled with people who’ve loved you since you were a boy, colleagues who miss you and those of us who wanted to be there for Jennifer and your girls.

The mood was initially somber, with everyone speaking a respectful muted tones and a slight upturn of the lip without being able to bring a full smile. We saw video clips of you being both tender and funny. Three of your childhood friends spoke of your passion for film and music.  The celebration touched on the greatness that I wasn’t lucky enough to have known personally.

“. . . We are sent to this world to do our work. Maybe, Mikey only needed 51 years to finish his job,” said Jennifer.

I didn’t have time to make the peanut butter pie last Friday, but after the memorial service, how can I not find the time to make a pie and share with the people I love?