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Back and Inspired – Blueberry-Lime Cream Bars

rainbow connection – strawberry matcha ‘rainbow’ cookies

nyc bake sale 2014

unarrested development – lemon ‘mac’ cookies

new news – peanut butter crunch brownies

tis the reason – pistachio cranberry peppermint bars

all about chocolate – recipes and chocabaret

cocoa fair – espresso chocolate cookies

nyc bake sale 2013

4th annual food blogger bake sale

blossoms afar – matcha almond cookies w raspberry filling

the must-do list – salty peanut brown butter sandwich cookies

auspicious mazl – rugelach w almond-azuki bean filling

favorite basics – dark chocolate chip cookies

grey matter – black & white sesame cookies

happy valentine’s day

sweet embrace – chocolate-dulce sandwich cookies

seed of affection – black sesame cookies

multiple choice – brown butter walnut-cranberry bars

anatomy of a cookie – chewy maple-walnut cranberry cookies

the guest who’s coming to dinner – maple-walnut cranberry tart

you are my sunshine – butterscotch-banana blondies

burst of passion – coconut-passionfruit cookies

weekend magic – german chocolate sandwich cookies (gluten-free)

with gratitude – 3rd annual nyc food blogger bake sale

the right stuff – my baking decisions for a bake sale

sweet charity – 3rd annual nyc food blogger bake sale