Category: holidays & special occasions

my sweet valentine

pie party potluck LIVE 2015 recap

unarrested development – lemon ‘mac’ cookies

where love lies – passion fruit mousse cake

tis the reason – pistachio cranberry peppermint bars

chasing christmas – pomegranate chocolate bundt cake

boys to the yard – strawberry banana ‘milkshake’ cake

a natural beauty – matcha-azuki cake

auspicious mazl – rugelach w almond-azuki bean filling

the gift of gold – mango cupcakes

happy valentine’s day

travels: tokyo – meiji jingu

sweet embrace – chocolate-dulce sandwich cookies

on snake and tradition – ginger ‘nian gao’ aka ginger mochi cannelés (gluten free)

no joke – citrus fruitcake

wrapped up – white chocolate cranberry cake

what i did – deep-dish brown butter hazelnut tart

anatomy of a cookie – chewy maple-walnut cranberry cookies

the guest who’s coming to dinner – maple-walnut cranberry tart

this will do – pie party potluck live runner ups

where the boys are – the boys’ club

this will do – sparkling peach semifreddo (gluten-free)

happy berry to you – ‘american pie’ cake

pride & joy – rainbow cubes

an american experience – ginger-citrus carrot cake

more not less – borracha torta de dos leches / tipsy tequila-milk cake

the easter basket – berry almond crunch cake