Category: nuts

heart warming party — baked apples w cider-rum sauce

i want candy — candy bar cake

pie glorious pie — pie party potluck live 2011 recap

it’s time for pie — pie party potluck live

harvest understudy — toffee apple cookies

bake a bakla — pistachio baklava cake

nice to meet you – a creamy peanut butter pie for mikey

saffron-apricot popsicles

everlasting blueberry almond coffeecake

whatmatchacallit – matcha cream bars

let the easter play – coconut cupcakes

in the house of goy — spiced apple cake for passover

as a matcha of fact – matcha almond teacakes

nyc bake sale

kisses to the highest bidder

things that make me go blue – banana bread

time to hit the bars – brandy apple bars

kiss my matcha – matcha macarons

tripping on coconuts – coconut tart w brown sugar glazed peanuts

simple pleasure – sour cream coffee cake

the crunch before christmas


devilish delights

Fudge! It’s Halloween

olive oil financier w caponata jam

the difference an “o” makes — orange scented macaroons

flaming mame — raspberry macarons w ganache