Category: nuts

multiple choice – brown butter walnut-cranberry bars

anatomy of a cookie – chewy maple-walnut cranberry cookies

the guest who’s coming to dinner – maple-walnut cranberry tart

pie party potluck live 2012

this will do – pie party potluck live runner ups

spice travel – chai saffron-plum cake

nuts about it – peanut butter & jelly cake

sweet in transition – crunchy peanut butter banana pudding

adjustment period – brandy cherry almond cake

some don’t like it hot – pistachio shortcakes w ginger-cherry compote

weekend magic – german chocolate sandwich cookies (gluten-free)

for my father – chocolate cake w almond cream filling

june flour brings pie power – fresh strawberry-rhubarb pie (gluten-free)

comfortable panic – coconut caramel pudding, almond geleé, rhubarb compote (gluten-free)

an american experience – ginger-citrus carrot cake

for the love of cake – coco-mac pineapple upside down cake

warm & sunny w a chance of peaches – almond peach bars

the easter basket – berry almond crunch cake

i’m not a seder schlimazel – almond pear-blueberry cake

it’s time to dance – german chocolate cake

egg me on – coconut lime cake w peanut dust

part-time lover – nutcrackle

i wish … coco-mac cookies w pineapple caramel

orange u dreamy — orange nutella sandwich cookies

let it snow, let it snow — ginger snowdrops

bewitched — brandy apple cake w maple walnut meringue frosting

nothing matters — ginger blueberry pear crisp