Category: fruit

warm & sunny w a chance of peaches – almond peach bars

the easter basket – berry almond crunch cake

i’m not a seder schlimazel – almond pear-blueberry cake

egg me on – coconut lime cake w peanut dust

when am I? – five-spice plum cake

i wish … coco-mac cookies w pineapple caramel

orange u dreamy — orange nutella sandwich cookies

scent of the holiday — caramelized apple gingerbread

nothing matters — ginger blueberry pear crisp

cinnamon-caramel pumpkin cake w banana-rum filling

heart warming party — baked apples w cider-rum sauce

pie glorious pie — pie party potluck live 2011 recap

it’s time for pie — pie party potluck live

bake a bakla — pistachio baklava cake

blueberry pop cookies

capturing summer — bourbon peach torte

saffron-apricot popsicles


the chill factor – apricot cherry goat cheese mousse

the scent of a peach – peach n blueberry pie


pop goes the summer – strawberry-watermelon pops


it’s everybody’s party – mango coconut cream pie

on the road – chocolate cherry ‘brownie’ cookies

strawberry n cream — mother’s day wishes

tres para cinco — torta de margarita

in the house of goy — spiced apple cake for passover

nyc bake sale

dream a little dream – coconut mango cake