Category: cakes

you are my sunshine – butterscotch-banana blondies

tea time – matcha-coconut cake (gluten-free)

spice travel – chai saffron-plum cake

nuts about it – peanut butter & jelly cake

light my fire – inside-out s’mores cake

surprising myself – nectarine-blueberry cake w caramel icing

forget me not – lavender scented peach & corn upside down cake (gluten-free)

adjustment period – brandy cherry almond cake

happy berry to you – ‘american pie’ cake

pride & joy – rainbow cubes

for my father – chocolate cake w almond cream filling

an american experience – ginger-citrus carrot cake

the evolution of a notebook – oatmeal rum-raisin cake

more not less – borracha torta de dos leches / tipsy tequila-milk cake

for the love of cake – coco-mac pineapple upside down cake

the easter basket – berry almond crunch cake

i’m not a seder schlimazel – almond pear-blueberry cake

it’s time to dance – german chocolate cake

taste of the irish – orange scented whiskey ‘soufflé’ pie

egg me on – coconut lime cake w peanut dust

when am I? – five-spice plum cake

turning japanese – individual matcha sesame cheesecake

scent of the holiday — caramelized apple gingerbread

bewitched — brandy apple cake w maple walnut meringue frosting

cinnamon-caramel pumpkin cake w banana-rum filling

i want candy — candy bar cake

bake a bakla — pistachio baklava cake