Category: breakfast/afternoon tea

Caffeinated – Earl Grey Banana Cake

a parisian in new york – brandied apricot-almond hand pie

lost ingredient – café au lait cake

sugar differential – rhubarb almond honey cakes

oat couture – blueberry almond granola cake

asset management – apple almond cake

parks & recreation – coconut cake w honey coconut glaze

belated & beloved – german chocolate chocolate tea cake

change with paste – blueberry almond cake

scent of a season – petite strawberry cakes w meyer lemon curd

the big picture – orange-scented honey almond cakes

rock my world – matcha white chocolate cake w hibiscus cream (gf)

making the grades – ‘fruit & nut’ chocolate cake

a cake a day – spiced apple snack cakes

chain of thought – citrus blueberry thyme cake

easy pretty – nectarine-blueberry upside down cake

blogger who brunch – in the garden of the four seasons

surprising myself – nectarine-blueberry cake w caramel icing

adjustment period – brandy cherry almond cake

some don’t like it hot – pistachio shortcakes w ginger-cherry compote

tea for two — ginger-lime coconut scones

travel: high tea at four seasons

everlasting blueberry almond coffeecake

whatmatchacallit – matcha cream bars

orange you relaxed? – orange muffins

as a matcha of fact – matcha almond teacakes

buns on the run — easy cinnamon buns