Category: asian

Ras Malai Interrupted – Cardamon Saffron Cake

Queen of the Night – Black Sesame Cake

Cherish – Matcha Black Sesame Babka

Summer Breeze – Raspberry Lychee Chiffon Cake

Back to School – Matcha Chocolate Cake

State of Mind – Goma Chocolate Cake

That will do – Asian Mango Pudding

Matcha Matcha Man – Matcha Chocolate Tart

game of thrones – Strawberry Goma Mousse Cake

luck be a … mango mousse tart

rainbow connection – strawberry matcha ‘rainbow’ cookies

home sweet homework – silky matcha blackberry pie

spring awakening – matcha strawberry charlotte royale

frozen – yuzu cream cake

it’s a wrap – pistachio apricot cake w earl grey frosting

mother yucker – matcha strawberry cake

habitual – matcha raspberry tart

getting the party started – black & white cake

taste twerk – butterscotch pumpkin chocolate cake

rock my world – matcha white chocolate cake w hibiscus cream (gf)

to us – matcha-goma mousse cake

come together – ‘ginger milk’ cake

auspicious mazl – rugelach w almond-azuki bean filling

grey matter – black & white sesame cookies

the gift of gold – mango cupcakes

on snake and tradition – ginger ‘nian gao’ aka ginger mochi cannelés (gluten free)

seed of affection – black sesame cookies