where the boys are – the boys’ club

where the boys are – the boys’ club

Cocktails anyone? What can I get for you?

M and I love a good libation on the occasional weekend, and we are always on the lookout for a new tasty cocktail to expand our repertoire.

Luckily, help is a shaker away. I’m working with Russell (Chasing Delicious), Brian (A Thought For Food) and Mike (Verses from my Kitchen) to launch The Boys’ Club (theboysclub.net) –a blog about cocktails, with stories told from the male perspective.

In the food blogosphere, the girls far outnumber the boys, so we’re here to acquire a little shelf space for ourselves–and provide some conversation over cocktails. It’s also a place where I can channel more cocktail excursions than the just one that appeared here already, Rhubarita.

The Boys’ Club will officially go live next week on September 4th. I want to thank Russell, the creator of this new venture, for rallying us together. Join us for additional conversations via Twitter (@boysclubblog) & on our  Facebook page.