bare essentials — nudie foodies

bare essentials — nudie foodies

It’s been almost two months since the earthquake, tsunami, and aftershocks hit Japan. As the international community came together to aid Japan’s recovery, so did the food blogger community.

Food bloggers did what we do best—our enthusiasm to help brought forth bake sales all over the U.S. and online. I participated in two such events: an online bake goods auction and the Bake Sale for Japan held on a gorgeous sunny Saturday at the Brooklyn Flea. The response was tremendous and both event brought in several thousands of dollars.

But wait, there’s more. When Linda (@saltyseattle) asked a group of food bloggers to participate on a project, I jumped at the opportunity and knew that it would be a blast.

The project is Nudie Foodies: Food Bloggers Peel for Japan, a calendar cookbook. All proceeds will go to victims of Japan. It features your truly and seventeen other bloggers, all peeled strategically and posing with food for a good cause. Nudie Foodies has a website that features all the participants’ information, behind-the-scene photos, and bonus materials.

See who’s being naughty and who’s trying to be nice. If you grab the Nudie Foodie badge and display it on your blog, it will help the cause.