party with the rabbit

party with the rabbit

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that my friend Jackie (@divathatateny) and I were planning a Chinese New Year Potluck. Well, it took place this past Saturday, Feb 12, and we were thrilled with the turn out. Food bloggers, friends, and family came together to share dishes and conversation.

We used the Chinese New Year as a theme, asking everyone to bring an Asian inspired dish instead of Western potluck fare. Attendees told us what they were going to bring, so by a few days ahead of  time, the menu looked impressive: dumplings, braised pork, chirashi, scallion pancakes, and much more.

A couple days before the event, I went to Jackie’s house to set up for the party. We hung red lanterns and traditional Chinese New Year signs with “auspicious” greetings. By the time we were done, the setting was a sea of red, much like a Chinese wedding banquet. On the day of the event, we spent few hours setting out glasses, making Chambord Ginger Pomegranate Sparklers and last minute additions to the decor.

People started to arrive and the buffet table quickly filled up with classic and re-interpreted Asian dishes. After a round or two of cocktails, softer beverages, and prawn crackers—we officially welcomed everyone and the feasting commenced.

from left to right: Chambord Ginger Pomegranate Sparklers, Prawn Crackers and thank you Chambord for the extra dose of festivity.

top left: Cold Sesame Noodles by Emily @EmilyHanhan
bottom left: Asian inspired Pot Pie by Nichelle @niche
right: view of the table (front to back) Cold Sesame Noodles by Emily, Braised Bok Choy with Chinese Mushrooms by Margaret, Scallion Pancakes by Waisum @urbanblitz

top row: Korean Bean Sprouts by Carol @NYCityMama
2nd row: Braised Lotus Root by Mariko
2nd row, large photo/right:  Jackie @divathatateny and Mom doing last minute prep work under the red lantern
3rd row left:  Shrimp & Ginger Skewers by Jason
3rd row center: Vietnamese Beef Rolls by Jackie @divathatateny
3rd row right: Eggplant Nam Prik by April @aprilsomboun
4th row left: Chirashi by Mariko
4th row center: food tags we’ve made, awaiting the arrival of the dishes
4th row right: Pork & Chive Dumplings by Laura

top row left: Red Cooked Pork with Lotus Buns Cilantro & Scallions by Kian @redcooking
top row right: Margaret @savorysweetlive slicing her Roasted Pork Belly
2nd row right: Roasted Pork Belly with Red Cook Flavors by Margaret @savorysweetlive
3rd row left:  Pulled Pork with Asian Flavors & Hoisin BBQ Sauce by Grace @GracePiper
3rd row center:  Sichuan Dry-Fried Green Beans by Jennifer @cucinapovera
3rd row right: Cilantro Chili Slaw by Charles @charleshope

top row left: Sesame Gold Nuggets by yours truly @hungryrabbitnyc
top row right: Triple Ginger Raspberry Cupcakes by Ken @hungryrabbitnyc
bottom row left: Chinese Sticky Cakes by Andrea & Jeff @highlowfooddnk
bottom row right: Chocolate Dipped Strawberries by Jackie @divathatateny
● Thank you Driscolls for supplying the juicy delicious strawberries and raspberries for our potluck.

Thanks to everyone who attended. Unfortunately I got side-tracked by hosting duties and wasn’t able to take photos of every guests’ offerings. Here are links for other posts, photo streams and recipes.

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● My recipe for Sesame Gold Nuggets
● Andrea and Jeff’s Potluck post + recipe for Chinese Sticky Cake at High Low Food Drink
● Potluck photo by Urbanblitz
● Potluck video by NYCitymama
● Potluck post + video by Grace Piper
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